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In today's 24/7 online mobile world, businesses and non-profits have an essential need for a committed marketing and communications administrator. MoneyMouth is the means by which you can achieve this, by the alignment of your communications with your business' mission and values. Brand Strategy - why, what and how do you uniquely do what you do? With our support, you will discover your organisations' 'It' factor.

Online Communications Management - Online marketing in today's day and age is imperative for any business or non-profit organisation but honestly online media marketing and management takes time. As a business owner and entrepreneur, you do not have the time to be constantly interacting with Facebook fans and/or Twitter followers, let alone growing followings on networks or monitoring all the constant changes in the media sphere. Let us do it for you: Strategic electronic marketing, Facebook Page creation and maintenance, LinkedIn Profile creation and maintenance, Twitter Profile creation and maintenance, Google Pay-per-Click, Newsletters - creation and distribution, Press Kits, Search Engine Optimisation, Website design and hosting. Get in touch today, you will not regret it

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