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[Social Media Management Services]
~Because If It’s Not Online, It’s Not Out There~



MoneyMouth is a boutique social media management corporation for out-of-the-box, forward thinking companies, individuals, NPOs, SMEs and corporate social responsibility programs or initiatives.

MoneyMouth develops, implements and maintains personalised brand, marketing, communication and fundraising strategies to promote your products, services, cause or business, online by utilising social media platforms that have become indispensable in today’s 24/7 online, mobile world.

Proven strategies that produce growth and awareness, inspire opinion, motivate action, awaken community involvement and effect social change. Assisting individuals with their professional online profile for better networking opportunities to power their career.

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‘Everything you’ve ever wanted

is on the other side of fear.’

~George Addair~

adjective, directly connected to a measurable process


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